From Whence the Woods​.​.​.

by Moulderyawn

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ManjaFrancisca Moulderyawn is kind of music that isn't "just" another good black metal song; it is a piece of art. Beautiful, vidid and dark, it takes me back to the memories of wandering in the forest of my home. One of my favourite atmospheric black metal bands. Favorite track: And as Dreams Ferment.
Count P.
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Count P. Very atmospheric and nihilistic work which I greet with respect to the name; Moulderyawn, can be found in this record. Beyond all you'll be caught by sorrowful tunes that are in compliance with shrieking vocals. Great job... Favorite track: And as Dreams Ferment.
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"From Whence the Woods..." Is a concept album about wandering into an olde and enchanted wood.
These are the soundscapes of The Everwood, a dark and lonesome wood from another time and place.
Each track nears the listener towards the heart of the wood, where something mysterious awaits...


released September 22, 2016

Thanks to anyone that has enjoyed stepping into my demented forest. And special thanks to my best friend who preformed the majority of the guitar.



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Nothing is ever special in the instances of the present. Time takes your memories & dreams and ferments them into such a vivid and beautiful place - in which you could have never experienced there in such a young moment.

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Track Name: An Olde Woods' Yawning...
In the thick of it all I heard the howls.
The huntsmen ride tonight.
Driven into the grey lured into the woods.

O the air lies olde here...

Here I lie beneath dwindling leaves,
dancing on golden rays.
I danced with the ashen trees
as the voice of the wood lulled me to sleep.
Track Name: And as Dreams Ferment
As it all came into view
I saw myself 'neath wilting leaves.
In a daze i made to my feet
as the light blurred back into my eyes.

And down a winding trail- into a dream
that I had once seen.
Rusted lanterns lit the way as they swayed.
The wind stood still
yet sung the sweetest song.

Through autumn haze
when bells would chime.
Through misty days
lost in the pine.
Through oaken glen.
From sullen night
to dusky dawn.

Through The Everwood.
Track Name: Ents' Dance
When life seeps from the saps
of elden groves.
they'll twist and moan in mirth
of offering's to the soil.
Track Name: From Whence the Woods
Olde is the wind that wanders
through the trees.
And olde whispers, stale, on the breeze.

'Midst the dim dips the sole
and low the branches hang O'er.

I lie by root and soil
lost to enchanted dream.

From whence the woods...
unsettled spores
that should yet rest stir.

Deep in the heart of the wood
rests a wise olde yew.

Deep in slumber he snores,
deep in slumber he dreams
deep in slumber he yawns.
When he wakes, with a mould on his breath,
he yawns...