From Whence the Woods

from by Moulderyawn



("From Whence the Woods" pierces into the heart of The Everwood. Here an unthinkable olde dwells in the air along with an absolute feeling of solitude and calmness. In a small meadow shrouded in leaves and darkness, a crooked tree rests upon a mossy hillock. But it's no ordinary tree - it is a unbelievably olde and wise yew. For he has rested there deep in thought and dream for as long as the wood can remember. There sleeping and snoring the centuries away rarely waking, but when he does awaken - its very short lived. And its only to stretch and yawn, but with this yawn a ghastly air escapes the bellows of its ancient trunk, riddled with mould and decay... Is this what enchants the wood so?)


Olde is the wind that wanders
through the trees.
And olde whispers, stale, on the breeze.

'Midst the dim dips the sole
and low the branches hang O'er.

I lie by root and soil
lost to enchanted dream.

From whence the woods...
unsettled spores
that should yet rest stir.

Deep in the heart of the wood
rests a wise olde yew.

Deep in slumber he snores,
deep in slumber he dreams
deep in slumber he yawns.
When he wakes, with a mould on his breath,
he yawns...


from From Whence the Woods​.​.​., track released September 22, 2016



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Nothing is ever special in the instances of the present. Time takes your memories & dreams and ferments them into such a vivid and beautiful place - in which you could have never experienced there in such a young moment.

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