An Olde Woods' Yawning​.​.​.

from by Moulderyawn



("An Olde Wood's Yawning..." is about wandering into an olde and sickly wood. Little is it known though, that the forest floor is scattered with deadly mushrooms and upon stumbling through them their spores are released into the ancient air. In the last moments before death, intense hallucinations are felt along with a feeling of absolute bliss.)


In the thick of it all I heard the howls.
The huntsmen ride tonight.
Driven into the grey lured into the woods.

O the air lies olde here...

Here I lie beneath dwindling leaves,
dancing on golden rays.
I danced with the ashen trees
as the voice of the wood lulled me to sleep.


from From Whence the Woods​.​.​., track released September 22, 2016



all rights reserved



Nothing is ever special in the instances of the present. Time takes your memories & dreams and ferments them into such a vivid and beautiful place - in which you could have never experienced there in such a young moment.

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