("Ents' Dance" though The Everwood seems as if its drowning in solitude and seclusion, there are the Ents that roam aimlessly. Upon coming across this corpse in the soil, the Ents gather - for life to return back to the earth is a gift, which is cherished. "Ents' Dance" is a burial song, as it is sung in ceremony by these creatures that take respect in all stages of life.)


When life seeps from the saps
of elden groves.
they'll twist and moan in mirth
of offering's to the soil.


from From Whence the Woods​.​.​., track released September 22, 2016



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Nothing is ever special in the instances of the present. Time takes your memories & dreams and ferments them into such a vivid and beautiful place - in which you could have never experienced there in such a young moment.

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